Why join a union?

Having a union makes a difference.

Workers join together in unions to gain respect on the job, a safe voice at work and protection on the job. Unions represent thousands of people, affording them the protections and benefits of belonging to a union. Now more than ever, workers are stretched to the limit by demands from employers, coworkers and customers alike. Quotas and speedups mean high pressure and burnout for many people.

Take control of your future

Here are the facts:

  • Workers in unions earn an average of $4.49 more per hour than non-unionized workers
  • Women in unions earn 49% more than their non-union counterparts
  • Part-time workers in unions earn an average of $6.84 more per hour than non-unionized part-time workers
  • 83% of unionized workers are covered by workplace pension plans or group RRSPs, as compared to 33% of non-unionized workers
  • What having a union could mean for you:

  • The security of a binding contract and a clear set of rules that apply to all;
  • An effective complaint procedure;
  • A contract that can limit the power of your employer to speed-up work;
  • Health and safety committees that can address your workplace problems Ė and get results;
  • Protection from harassment, discrimination and possibly other types of in appropriate behaviour;
  • Help with on-the-job training;
  • A fair scheduling process;
  • Seniority;
  • Necessary break times and payment for all time you are required to be at work.

    The law protects workers

    Employers often try to discourage workers from forming a union by sending distorted, negative messages about dues, strikes and unions. Thatís because they donít want to lose the power and flexibility they have to do everything their way.

    By law, workers are free to join a union and participate in union activities. It is against the law for employers and supervisors to interfere in the formation of a union and that includes making subtle threats or promises.

    The law guarantees confidentiality. By law, the employer never finds out whether or not an individual signs a union membership card.

    Workers join together in unions to get respect on the job and gain a safe voice at work. Think for yourself. Get the facts.

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